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Learn to Play the Harmonica for Seniors and Beginners

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive new musical hobby, give the harmonica a try. One of the best things about playing the harmonica is that you can take it anywhere. It’s small and portable. You can also play a wide variety of musical genres with a harmonica. Although we primarily associate the harmonica with blues and country music, it’s also played in American folk music, classical music, jazz, and even rock!

Learn to Play the Harmonica

It's Fun, Easy, and Inexpensive!

The harmonica (a.k.a. mouth organ or blues harp) became popular in the mid-1800’s in the U.S., when German clock salesman Matthias Hohner formed the Hohner company and started selling his instruments to German immigrants. They’ve been a big hit ever since. Get started playing the harmonica today and you’ll be belting out tunes in no time. The beginner instructional videos we have listed below are a great place to begin your journey!

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