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Learn to Play the Ukulele for Seniors and Beginners

If you’re looking for a fun instrument to learn that’s not overly complicated and will guarantee your popularity at any Hawaiian-themed party, give the ukulele a try. Although the Ukulele originates from Portugal, the instrument is primarily associated with Hawaii and Hawaiian songs. Just strum the strings and you’ll magically transported to the islands! While ukuleles are shaped like a guitar, they are typically much smaller and easier to play as they only have 4 strings instead of 6, and the strings are made of softer nylon.

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Learn to Play the Ukulele at Any Age!

The cost of buying a ukulele won’t break the bank either. You can purchase many different styles and brands for under $100. One of the best things about ukuleles is that you can learn to play at any age, young or old! So if you are looking to get started with a few introductory lessons, check out the videos we have listed below. These ukulele experts will have you playing in no time!

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Your FIRST Ukulele Lesson (Ukulele Beginner Lesson By A Music Teacher)

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YOUR FIRST UKULELE LESSON (Taught by a music teacher!)

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How To Strum the Ukulele // Beginner Uke Tutorial

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