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Learn How to Play Yahtzee!

So what exactly is Yahtzee and where did it get its funny name? To put it simply, Yahtzee is a dice game that is based on the game of poker. The object of the game is to roll different number combinations using 5 dice, and see who gets the most points. While skill does come into play, it can be challenging to win without a bit of luck on your side.  The game of Yahtzee as we know it today was, according to game experts, first invented by a Canadian couple who referred to it as The Yacht Game, as they typically played the game with friends while on their yacht. Game entrepreneur Edwin S. Lowe bought the rights to the game from the Canadian couple in 1956. The game has some similarities with earlier dice games such as Poker Dice, Yacht, and Generala.

Learn to Play Yahtzee

Yahtzee for Beginners. Let's Do This!

The game of Yahtzee is not only fun to play, it can be quite addicting as well. The game itself is not difficult to learn, and makes a fun activity for families and groups of friends. If you’ve been looking for a fun game to learn, give Yahtzee a try. Check out some of the how to play Yahtzee beginner instructional videos we have listed below. Have fun!

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How to Play Yahtzee

How to Play Yahtzee

Learn how to play Yahtzee!

How to Play Yahtzee for Beginners