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French Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

Parlez-vous francais? If you don’t speak French, there’s no better time to learn than right now. If you’re considering taking up French as a hobby, you’re making a great decision. Estimates are that there are close to 300 million French speakers throughout the world, making French one of the top 10 most spoken languages. French is considered to be one of the world’s most romantic languages along with Italian and Spanish.

Learn to Speak French

Learn to Speak French!

French is a relatively easy language to learn and a great activity for seniors. Research has shown that learning a second language can decrease the risk of developing dementia and improve social skills. If you plan to travel to France, Quebec, or another French speaking part of the world, learning some of the basics will make your trip that much more enjoyable and memorable. Whether you are completely new to French, forgot everything you learned in high school French class, or just want to brush up, you’ll find everything you need to get started with the beginner French videos we have listed below.

Learn Something New Today!

Learn French in 25 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need

Learn French in 85 Minutes - ALL the French Phrases You Need to Get Started

Learn French with a 1-Hour Beginner Conversation Course (for daily life)

Learn French with Alexa Polidoro Free French Lesson 1

100 Phrases Every French Beginner Must-Know