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Ukrainian Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

Approximately 40 million people speak Ukrainian as their native tongue, with the vast majority of those living in Ukraine. Most Ukrainians also happen to speak Russian, and while the two languages have some similarities, they are not the same. According to the U.S. Census, more than 1 million Americans claim Ukrainian ancestry, although much fewer are fluent in the language.

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Learn to Speak Ukrainian Today!

Being an East Slavic language, Ukrainian can be difficult for native English speakers to learn. Ukraine, along with several neighboring countries uses the Cyrillic alphabet, and word pronunciation can be very difficult for English speakers. If you plan to travel to the Ukraine once it’s safe to do so, learning to speak and understand some basic words and phrases in order to communicate with Ukrainians in their native language will make your trip all the more rewarding. The good news is that English is one of the primary foreign languages taught in Ukraine, and close to half the population can speak it. Whether you are completely new to Ukrainian, wanting to explore your Ukrainian roots, or simply want to do some brushing up on the Ukrainian language, the introduction to Ukrainian videos we have listed below are the best place to get started.

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