The real challenge of this fundraiser will be finding enough Lego pieces, as they can be expensive to purchase. If you can get people to donate enough pieces, you should be able to put together a great fundraiser.

Have teams of people compete to see who can build the best Lego structure in an allotted amount of time. You can require a theme and award different prizes for most original. For example, sports teams can require the theme be specific to a particular sport. You can even design the contest theme around a particular holiday, such as Halloween. We suggest you don’t allow any professional Lego builders to participate in order to make this fundraiser fair for everyone. It would be a good idea to divide your participants up into age groups and award prizes for the winner(s) of each group. Request a donation to compete, and set up tables where guests can admire the entries and place a donation into a jar for the entry they like best.

Great fundraising idea for schools and church groups and more!