Don’t tell the kids! Since Santa is usually so busy during the Christmas season, you can offer to help by sending out letters from Santa stamped from the North Pole. The letter would be addressed to the children, include a message from Santa, a small candy cane and a blank list or form where kids can fill out their Christmas wish list. You can even include a photo of Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

The tricky part of this Christmas fundraising effort is to reach out to parents without the kids knowing. Facebook is a good place to start. You should start promoting this fundraising program around the 1st of November and have a Christmas-themed landing page and sign-up form on your website ready to go. You’ll want to have everyone who is participating signed up by December 1, so you can start sending out the letters and give the kids enough time to fill out their Christmas wish list (which the parents can mail back to Santa – wink wink). You should be able to collect a $10 donation per child who receives the letter.