Talk about your bright ideas! This would make for a fun, easy and quite spectacular fundraiser. The idea is to build an event around the lighting and letting go of hundreds of illuminated balloons in the night sky. Much like the Chinese Lantern Festival (except they use candles). For environmental reasons, you’ll want to attach each balloon to 100 feet or so of string which the participants hold onto (like a kite). This allows everyone to retrieve the balloons and keeps them in sight and lighting the sky for as long as you want.

You’ll need some large-size party balloons of various colors, access to helium, and a bunch of LED Mini Party Lights which can be found online for about 30 cents each in bulk. These lights can light up balloons from the inside. With enough people, this could be a very spectacular and beautiful event. Request donations of $10 to purchase a lit up balloon for the event. Have a table set up with snacks and drinks as an extra revenue generator.

On the evening of the event (make sure that no rain or storms are predicted), have everyone who committed to purchasing a balloon gather at your launch location (park, field, parking lot, etc.) and set up a table where you will be preparing and handing out the balloons. Designate a specific time for everyone to launch their balloons together. Be sure to have local media on hand to cover the event and you should have no shortage of participants posting the event on social media.

Be sure to check with the city or town for any permit requirements. Make sure you tell them that the balloons will be on strings and will be controllable.

Start planning this event 3-months in advance to get as many participants as possible. Create a sign up form on your website and be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community. This is an event that you can host annually and just about any time of year.