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What is Local Search Marketing?

If you have a physical brick and mortar store location or engage with customers from a central location or service area, then local search marketing will likely be one of your most important customer acquisition strategies. Whether you operate a single store or run a national chain of stores or services, understanding local search marketing is critical to any business trying to attract local traffic. The growth of mobile and digital assistants is shining new light on the importance of this rapidly-growing marketing channel. Almost 50% of all Google searches are people looking for local information. If you’ve ever asked Siri, Google or Alexa to find something “near me”, then you are part of the local search revolution. Think of local search as like the Yellow Pages on steroids.

Local Search Marketing Tactics

Some local search tactics include:

Creating or claiming your Google My Business listing

Publishing localized content on your website

Getting local online citations in popular business directories and review sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yahoo, DexKnows, etc. (Name, Address, Phone Number & Website)

Getting numerous positive online reviews

Active local social media following

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