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Rewarding Customers For Their Loyalty

The objective of loyalty programs is to influence purchase behavior by driving repeat purchases and increasing spend. These programs may also be tiered, offering better rewards at the top level. Gifting and incentive programs have been around for ages and for good reason, they work! However, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what loyalty program software actually is or what it is used for. Some loyalty program software is built more around customer engagement and rewarding or incentivizing customers at the pre-purchase stage, while the more traditional program software typically rewards customers for their purchase, usually through points or credit. Although there is some crossover between the two, we’re focusing more here on the loyalty program management software that deals with rewards and incentives earned as a result of purchase. This type of software helps businesses manage memberships, points and rewards balances, member communications and rewards distribution. There are programs for every type and size of business from digital punch cards to fully integrated applications for enterprise level businesses. Check out some of the best loyalty program software solutions below.

The Best Loyalty Program Software Programs & Solutions

We provide our merchants with all the necessary tools to run their very own Loyalty Program. These include an integrated suite of customized consumer facing technology, easy-to-use merchant tools and automation algorithms, aimed to enhance the customer experience.

Kangaroo Rewards is a loyalty marketing software solution that fosters customer engagement leading to increased retention and revenues for businesses. Kangaroo offers a very rich collection of powerful features at an affordable price that fits every budget, which makes it one of the most competitive solutions on the market today.

Open Loyalty is a customizable loyalty technology for developing dedicated loyalty program applications, prepared for large-scale projects.

Annex Cloud’s customer marketing platform provides fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions that work together to optimize the customer journey and deliver a unified customer experience, a greater quantity and quality of referrals and content, and more high-quality and resilient customer relationships.

Plum comes with a vast set of capabilities making it super easy for admins to manage rewards or incentive programs. All these features have been built to reduce the manual and operational work of the program managers to minimum. Plum works with 10000+ brands bringing you a collection of over a billion different shopping reward options across 70+ countries in the world. 

Loopy Loyalty is the world’s only web application to create and manage digital stamp cards for Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Design your cards online, send push messages to customers, capture transaction history, and view customer insights.

Voucherify is an API-first, cloud-based promotion management platform for digital teams. It assists in growing customer loyalty, acquiring new customers and boosting revenue with targeted incentives and contextual rewards.

Zinrelo is a loyalty rewards platform that maximizes repeat sales and per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement, data sciences and machine learning. An enterprise-grade loyalty rewards platform designed for the needs of mid to large businesses. Zinrelo enables businesses to easily launch a customized rewards program across multiple dimensions including transactional, social, referral, engagement, behavioral and emotional loyalty.

Over 30 million people use Fivestars to get rewarded at 13,000 local businesses with one rewards program. Local businesses use Fivestars to bring more customers into their stores with one powerful program.

Kademi’s loyalty and promotion capabilities can be blended into a range of programs and websites to enhance the customer experience.

Giftbit is a rewards platform that lets you buy, send and control digital gift cards. Giftbit provides reporting on the status of every gift card. With Giftbit you get a complete management platform. And you only pay for gift cards people use.

Loyalzoo provides independent shops and restaurants with the same technology and analytics used by the big brands and retail chains. For customers, our app works like a digital loyalty card that helps get rid of plastic and punch cards. For merchants, it improves customer retention by at least 20% by helping them reward and engage their best customers, old and new, and boosting their social media reach.

The Loyalty Box is a complete and affordable solution for small to midsize retailers looking to reward customers and gain a deeper insight into their buying habits. The Loyalty Box gives business owners an online platform to set up customized loyalty programs (including points, cashback, and gift cards). It also gives business owners the tools to automate relevant email and SMS promotions based on a customer’s purchase frequency, spend, or specific items purchased.

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