You’ll need many volunteers to host a mini-carnival event, but it can be successful and lots of fun. You’ll need a large area to set up booths and you will likely need to rent some equipment and some items that will attract the kids like a bouncy-house, inflatable slide, dunking booth, etc. Local businesses rent and manage these items. You can also set up some traditional booths like a “cake walk”, “face painting”, “duck pond”, “cup-toss”, etc. Just make sure to have plenty of activities to keep the interest up. Mini carnivals work great for school and church group fundraisers.

Selling tickets per activity is the best way to collect the most revenue, so having fun activities will keep people buying. Set up a ticket table or booth where people can go and buy tickets. Charge $1 or $2 per ticket and set your activity prices accordingly with some smaller activities only costing 1 ticket while for bigger activities you may require 5 tickets.

As with most traditional fundraising ideas, we would encourage you to mix things up a bit and add some less traditional activity booths like having an old west dress up booth (or 80’s decade booth) where people can dress up, have their pictures taken and then purchase them. Offer to text the pictures to kids right away so they can post them on Instagram. Be sure to get event insurance if your group is not already covered.