By now, everyone is pretty familiar with the “minute to win it” concept. Each contestant is given 60-seconds to complete a task or challenge, and the person who does the best job completing the assigned task in the time allotted is declared the winner. The more challenging or outrageous you make each task the more likely you are to have a fun event. You can create as many challenges as you wish and award points to each winner which can be tallied up at the end. Or if you have a wide-range of ages participating (toddler to grandpa), you can do it by age-group.


Here are some minute to win it challenge ideas for fundraisers to get you started:

Balloon capture: see who can stuff the most amount of balloons into a large plastic garbage sack

Bucket Bounce: See who can bounce the most amount of ping pong balls into a bucket. You can also require contestants to throw cotton balls into the bucket.

The marble spoon: Have contestants start at one end of the floor and transport marbles to the other end and place in a bucket. The trick is that they have to carry the marble on a plastic spoon held in their mouths. If the drop the marble, they have to start again.

The keys to the game: Laid out before the contestants are numerous keys and only one lock. The have 60 seconds to find the key that fits the lock. You can also do this with a combination lock, where you give them the combination number is random order and they have to figure out which is the correct order.

The Towel Race: Contestants compete against each other by racing from one end of the floor to the other. The challenging part is that they have to do it while sitting on a towel. No body parts may touch the actual floor. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

The best part about hosting a minute to win it fundraiser is that you can be as creative as you want. Other than allotting 60-seconds to complete each task, you can set any rules you want. You can make all of your challenges to fit within a particular theme, like digital games or sports related. This type of fundraising idea will work well for any organization, including schools, clubs, charities, churches, etc. You can request donations or charge a flat fee like $10 to participate in each individual event. You can ask local businesses donate prizes for the winners.

Have fun. If you do decide to hold your own minute to win it fundraiser, be sure to take pictures and let us know how it went!

Note: as with all fundraisers, if you think you’ll need to carry insurance for your event, get it.