The idea with this fundraiser is to make coffee mugs, water bottles, or anything else that people will want to purchase in order to support your team, club, group, or organization. If you’re going to call it a “Mug Shots” fundraiser, then you’ll probably want to go with coffee mugs. Keep in mind however, that if you are trying to appeal to a younger demographic, you’ll probably have more success with some cool water bottles. 

What makes these coffee mugs unique is that they will have a photo of your team, or something that represents your cause, printed onto each mug. If you represent an animal shelter, the mugs can have photos of animals. If you represent an elementary school, the mugs can have photos of artwork created by your students. Or maybe you just want to have a message printed on the mugs? It’s up to you and what your group represents. 

You can get a variety of coffee mugs (or water bottles) printed in bulk for around $5 each (depending on quantity) at any one of the many online promotional printing companies. You can then sell the mugs for $15 to $20 each, with all profits going to support your organization.

You have the option to make this a short-term fundraiser where you do a 1-time push to get sales, or you can simply put product photos of your coffee mugs on your website or Facebook page, and sell them all year long. This promotional idea works great for school or club sports teams, and it’s really simple to organize and execute. 

You can add to the fundraising fun by asking people who make a coffee mug purchase to post a picture of themselves on social media holding the cup or bottle for a chance to win a grand prize.