Never Ending List of Fun Birthday Party Games for Teens

Birthday Party Games That Teens Will Love!

If you’re planning a birthday party for a boy or girl who is turning 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18, you’ll want to make sure that you include some party games that are not only fun, but also challenging for the age group. Try and include some challenges the kids may be familiar with from YouTube and TikTok. Also be sure everyone brings their phone to the party. You can’t have a party for teens without a few games that require the use phones!

Kids Birthday Party Games

Fun Party Games for Teens

Who knows them best

This is a simple but fun guessing game for all ages, but works particularly well with teens. Simply create a party-themed questionnaire that asks questions about the birthday boy or girl, and provides blank lines for the party-goers to fill in.

You’ll want to ask questions like:

  • What is her/his middle name
  • Who is her/his celebrity crush
  • What is her/his favorite song
  • How many followers does he/she have of TikTok or Instagram?
  • Where did he/she go on their last vacation?
  • Who is his/her favorite athlete?

Ask as many questions as you have room for on the sheet of paper. The more embarrassing the better! Make sure everyone is given the questionnaire and give everyone the same amount of time to complete it. The person who answers the most questions correctly is the winner. In case of a tie, you can ask bonus questions.

Hot sauce challenge

This is a super fun birthday party activity that will appeal to brave party-goers. All you need for this activity is several jars of hot sauce, and some willing kids. It’s best if you can buy hot sauces with different levels of heat like these on Amazon. Have the kids start by dipping a chip into the sauce with the least amount of heat, and have them work their way up to the hottest sauce. Make sure they wait 1 or 2 minutes between each tasting. No water breaks. Make sure that you have an okay from the parents of participating party-goers, since some hot sauces can get pretty hot! The person who successfully makes it to the hottest hot sauce round without drinking water is declared the winner!

Minute to win it challenge

Most everyone is familiar with the minute to win it challenge game, inspired by the television show. In this super fun party activity, each participating birthday party attendee is given 60-seconds to complete a task or challenge, and the person who does the best job completing the assigned task in the time allotted is declared the winner.

The challenges of course need to be age appropriate. If you are throwing a party for teens, you’ll want to have challenges that require some level of skill. The more challenging or outrageous you make each task the more likely the kids are to have fun. Just make sure all the challenges are safe. You can create as many challenges as you wish and award points to each winner which can be tallied up at the end. Or if you have a wide-range of ages participating, you can do it by age-group.

Last one standing

Last one standing is another fun birthday party activity challenge game that anyone can play. The game is more about endurance than anything else. In this birthday party game, simply come up with several challenges that the party goers will have to perform in unison. The challenges can be anything. For teens, the more challenging the better. Examples of challenges may include holding yoga poses, balancing a water bottle on your head while standing on one leg, hold a plank position as long as you can, etc.

If you have enough kids, you can create teams. The winner(s) of each challenge get a prize.

Try not to laugh challenge

There are several ways that you can play the try not to laugh challenge. One of the most popular is to have the teens watch a series of funny short clips on YouTube or TikTok and try not to laugh (or smile). All you need is an internet connection and a pre-selected video play list. The more hilarious the clips are the better. The winner is anyone who can watch all the clips without laughing. Anyone who laughs at any point is automatically kicked out of the game.

The Disney Challenge

The Disney challenge is a fun game where participants listen to a series of Disney songs and have to guess the song’s name and the movie it came from, usually within 10 seconds of the intro. The person who can guess both the song and the movie it belongs to, within the time limit, wins the round. You can also award points. For example, give them 1 point for guessing the name of the song, and 1 point for guessing the name of the movie. You can either have each person take turns, have two people compete against each other, or have the whole group shout out the answer.

What’s on your phone?

Every teen party-goer is going to love this party game. All you need to do is create (or purchase a digital file) a document that has 3 or 4 different categories of items which are likely to be found on or in a phone. Items in category 1 would be the most common, such as a selfie photo, Instagram app, TikTok app, etc. Each item would be worth 1 point. Items in category 2 would be a little less common, such as a Facebook app, battery level below 30, a photo with 4 or more friends, etc. Category 3 would be even more rare, such as a cracked phone screen, a picture of an animal that’s not a dog or a cat,  a photo from Disneyland, etc.

When it’s time to play the game, give everyone 5 minutes to find as many items from the list as they can on their phones. Total the points up and declare the winner. Of course, you may need to verify the winner’s claims. For kids that don’t have a mobile phone with them (pretty rare for a teen), award them a separate prize so they don’t feal left out, or team them up with someone who does have a phone.

Ever or Never?

This popular birthday party game goes by many different names, however the concept is the same. All you need to do is create a party-themed questionnaire that lists out a series of questions about the birthday boy or girl. Each question is followed by the words “ever” and “never”. Each birthday party attendee is handed a questionnaire and is given a certain amount of time to complete (5 or 10 minutes) it by circling “ever” or “never” depending on whether or not they think the birthday boy or girl has ever done what the question says.

For example, some questions might include:

  • Been in the newspaper
  • Broken a bone
  • Had braces
  • Been to Disneyland
  • Cried watching a movie
  • Snuck out of the house
  • Sang in public
  • etc.

Whoever gets the most answers correct is declared the winner!

Would you rather?

Another fun and popular birthday party game for all ages is the “would (the birthday boy or girl) rather” or “this or that”. The game is easy to put together. Just create a questionnaire which lists a series of either/or 2-choice options. The party attendees just need to circle the answer they think fits the birthday boy or girl best based on their preference.

For example:

  • Dog or Cat
  • Baseball or Football
  • Netflix or Hulu
  • Instagram or TikTok
  • Be a famous actor or Be a famous pop star
  • Siri or Alexa
  • Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift (or any pop star combinations)
  • Etc.

The birthday party guest who answers the most either/or question correctly is declared the winner!

Say Anything

It’s harder than it sounds. The object of this super fun birthday party game, is to have party guests say any word that comes to mind when it’s their turn to speak. Participants are allowed to say any word, as long as no one else has already said that word. Players only get two seconds to say their word when it’s their turn. If they fail to come up with a word, or say a word that has already been said, they must put a piece of scotch tape on their face.

The person with the least amount of scotch tape on their face at the end of the game is declared the winner. This is a fast moving game that will be easy to start, but get progressively more difficult as people run out of words. You may want to have a word spotter available to keep track of which words have already been said.

Themed selfie scavenger hunt

For a modern twist on a classic party game, play the selfie scavenger hunt game. The game works just like a regular scavenger hunt, but instead of collecting items to bring back, the kids divide into teams and take selfie photos posing next to the items they find on the list. Items on the list can include a statue at the park, a mother with a baby, a police officer, a white picket fence, etc. You can include more challenging items to find and award more points for those.

Just create a list of things for the kids to find around the neighborhood, divide into teams, and send the kids on their way. You can theme the hunt with items that are associated with the theme of your party. The team that finds the most items within the time allotted is declared the winner!

Themed video scavenger hunt

Similar to the selfie scavenger hunt listed above, except in this birthday party challenge, the kids have to take a video of each item on the list, such as a bird in flight, someone doing yard work, two people kissing, etc. Make it fun and challenging!

Finish that tune challenge

Finish that tune is a popular birthday party game for all ages that has been entertaining participants for several years now. The concept is simple. Party guests take turns and try to complete a line in a famous song (appropriate for age group). You can use YouTube, Spotify, etc. to find a library of songs to use. Simply start the song and then stop the song in the middle of a line, and have the participant complete the words. Keep this going until only one person is left standing and declared the winner!

Connect the actor with the movie or tv show

For this fun birthday party game, simply create a document that lists a bunch of actors on 1 side and lists movies or television shows which they have appeared in on the other side. List only 1 movie or tv show per actor. Be sure to mix up the actors and the movies so that they aren’t lined up directly across from each other. Make some of the matches easy and others more challenging. The teen party-goers should be somewhat familiar with the actors you select to put on the list. Award prizes to the kids who get the most correct answers.

TV show or movie trivia

You can’t have a birthday party for teens without a round of trivia. All teenagers love movies and television shows, so why not base your trivia challenge on some popular shows? Just come up with a series of 20 questions related to popular shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Just read the questions aloud to the party-goers and see who answers first. The teen party-goer with the most correct answers is declared the winner!

Party themed truth or dare

Every birthday party-going teenager knows how to play truth or dare.  Simply come up with a list of fun truth and dare questions that are appropriate for the age group of the party-goers. Cut the questions into separate pieces and fold so that players can’t see what is written on the paper. Place in two containers – one for truths and the other for dares. Label the containers so that players will know which container they are selecting from.

Each participant takes a turn by choosing to draw either a truth or a dare question. They must read the question out loud. If they choose ‘truth’, and refuse to answer the question, they have to choose a ‘dare’ and must perform the dare. After they have completed the truth or the dare they get to pick the next player. Great fun for sleepovers and campouts as well!

Blind taste test

The blind taste test is a super fun birthday party game that kids of all ages will absolutely love playing. The objective of the game is to blindfold the kids and have them try and guess what they are tasting. You’ll want to have a big assortment of different things for them to taste. It’s much more fun if you have some food or drink items that teens may find revolting, such as buttermilk. Just make sure that nobody is allergic or is intolerant to any foods. The child who guesses the most items correctly is declared the winner!

Play Actor’s Theatre

For this birthday party activity, the teen party-goers get to dress up in costume clothing and perform skits that they create based on their characters. Divide the teens up into teams of 3 or 4. Give them each costumes or props which they have to incorporate into their skits. Give them each a different topic, such as a murder being committed at the high school, the Titanic sinking, anything to do with vampires, etc. You can theme the skits to the theme of the party. Each person on the team plays a different character, such as the detective, the murderer, etc.

This activity can be tons of fun. Award prizes for best actor, best adaptation to the subject matter, best all-around group, most imaginative, etc.

Three-legged race

The three-legged race is always a big hit at parties and events. The challenge works best if you have a big back yard or are hosting the party at a park. All you need for this game event is some burlap sacks big enough to reach hip-level of your party-goers. Divide everyone into 2 teams. Each participant puts one leg into the sack so that the legs of both partners are in the same sack. Each play must hold up on end of the sack as they run. Line everyone up at the starting line and let them go. The team that finishes first is declared the winner. Players are allowed to get back up and resume the race if they fall. If you can’t find burlap sacks, use extra-large pillow cases or something similar.

Water Balloon Toss

This party game is an oldie but a goodie, especially if you are hosting an outdoor summertime birthday party. All you need is a bunch of small balloons (usually sold as water balloons), and a way to fill them up with water. Have the party-goers partner up and stand a few feet away from each other. They then must toss the balloon over to their partner, who must catch the balloon without it breaking. After the first round, each remaining team must move another foot away from each other (2 feet total) before they can toss the water balloon again. Keep furthering the distance with each round until only one team is left standing. The team who can make the most tosses without breaking their balloon is declared the winner!

Bubble wrap races

This fun party game is a blast for any age group. All you need to do is purchase a large roll of bubble wrap from Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, etc. Just look in the packing section. The object of the game is to have the teen party-goers walk across the bubble wrap (no shoes) without popping any of the bubbles. The game works best if you have at least 5 feet of wrap to cross over.

You can also lay out the wrap side by side and have teams compete against each other. The person or team with the fewest pop bubbles is declared the winner.

TikTok dance off

Chances are, every teen at your party will have a TikTok account. In this super fun challenge, you have everyone compete to see who can do the best interpretation of a popular dance that has gone viral on TikTok. You don’t actually post the dances on TikTok, just have the teens perform the dances. Everyone gets scored 1-10 on their performance. Add up the scores to declare the winner. You can give them an award certificate for “going viral” at the party.

Ping pong ball bucket toss

The classic bucket toss birthday party game is fun for all ages. All you need to play this game is a bucket, some ping pong balls, and some prizes. Set the bucket about 10 feet away from where the teen party-goers will be throwing from. Be sure to mark the ball launching point with a piece of tape (or similar), so that nobody cheats. Line the participants up behind the 10 foot line and give everyone 3 chances to successfully bounce the ping pong ball into the bucket.

Once everyone has had their turn, every kid who made a ball into the bucket goes again for another round. This time you only give them 2 ping pong balls. The game continues on until you only have 1 winner!

Fear factor inspired challenge

For this fun party game, you get to put together a series of stunts and tasks that the party-going teens have to attempt. These tasks can be anything, just like in the popular television show. You’ll of course want to make sure that nothing is too difficult. Some tasks or challenges you may want to consider include things like eating an edible dog biscuit, holding your hand in a bucket of ice-water, eating half a lemon, eating a jalapeno pepper, etc. Just make sure all of the activities are age appropriate and not dangerous. You’ll want to set limits on some activities so that participants don’t go overboard and injure themselves.

To make it even more fun, divide the participants into teams of 2 and have them switch doing tasks. The person or team that completes the most tasks is declared the winner!

Hunger Games inspired challenge

Everyone at your birthday party should be familiar with the Hunger Games books and movies. For this event, you’ll need to divide the party-goers into districts (teams of 2 or 3), just like in the books, and have the participants compete to see who survives the Hunger Games.

You can create any type of challenges you want, but they should have some similarity to the movie, like a bow & arrow (plastic) shooting contest, food foraging, walking on a beam, climbing walls, dodge ball, etc. You can award points for each challenge completed within a certain allotted amount of time or for each challenge won.

For example, give the teams two minutes to shoot a plastic arrow through a ring from a certain distance. The team who gets the most arrows through wins the challenge and gets 5 points. Others who complete the challenge successfully but get fewer arrows through get 3 points. Those who don’t get any arrows through the ring in the allotted amount of time don’t get any points. When the contest is complete, there should be one district that comes out on top. 

Blindfold ping pong challenge

The blindfold ping pong challenge party game is super easy to set up and tons of fun to play. All you need to get started is a ping pong paddle, ping pong ball, and a blindfold. The object of the game is to see how many times in a row a player can hit the ping pong ball up and down using the paddle while blindfolded. Sounds easy, but it’s not. The party-goer who gets the most hits in a row is declared the winner!

Who am I?

For this fun birthday party game, you simply write out the names of famous people, animals, etc. on to sheets of paper. Make one for each person. To begin the game, tape the sheets of paper with the names to the back of each party-goer (make sure they don’t know what it says). Once everyone is ready, each person must then go around the room asking the other participants “yes” or “no” questions in order to try and figure out who they are.

This party game is great for any age group. You can also make the game fit with the theme of your party by using “who am I” characters associated with that theme.

Chopstick challenge

The chopstick challenge is a contest to see who can transfer the most items from one cup or bowl into another cup or bowl within a certain amount of time using only chopsticks. M&M’s work great. You can create teams, or have the participants go one at a time. This challenge works best with the everyone sitting around a table. The person who transfers over the most items is declared the winner.

Speed Drawing

In the speed drawing party game competition, each participant gets 1 minute to draw a picture based on a particular theme, such as characters in a movie, a famous person, a popular destination, etc. Everyone begins their drawing at the same time. Give everyone 10 drawings to complete, each based on a different theme. Once you’ve gone through all 10 rounds, judge the best drawing for each round and award prizes to the winners.

Squirt gun paint ball

Squirt gun paint ball is a paint ball style challenge using super soaker squirt guns. Form 2 or 3 teams, and give everyone a water gun. This game is best played in a yard. The object of the game is to squirt people on the other teams without getting squirted yourself. Military-style maneuvers are fair game. The team with the most players still standing at the end of the game is declared the winner. Once a person runs out of water, they are not allowed to refill their soaker gun.

Eat it or wear it

Eat it or wear it is a super fun challenge that’s the perfect addition to any teenager birthday party. Just make sure that everyone brings a change of clothes, as this party game can get messy quick. To create this activity, place different types of runny food (in jars) in a series of brown bags with numbers on them, and close the bags.

The contestants must first draw a number (mix up the numbers on small sheets of paper and put them in a bag). After they have their number, they must decide to either eat what’s in the bag or dump it on their head. Items can include a jar of catsup, a jar of mustard, a jar of baby food, etc. The winner is the person that is wearing the least amount of food.

Egg and spoon race

The egg on a spoon race is a really easy birthday party game that your teen party-goers will have a lot of fun with. To play this game, simply form teams of two people. Line up the competitors so that 1 team member is on one side and the other team member is lined up about 20 yards away. The object of the game is to carry an egg on a spoon across to your teammate as fast as you can without dropping the egg. Once you reach the teammate, transfer your egg over to their spoon, and have them run back to the starting line carrying the egg in their spoon. Any team that drops their egg is out of the race. The team that makes it to the end first is declared the winner.

Read my lips challenge

The read my lips challenge is a super fun and super simple party game that teens will love. The object of the game is to have 1 person wearing headphones with music blasting, while the other person says something to them. The person with the headphones must then try and figure out what they said by reading their lips. Party-goers take turns trying to guess what the other person is saying. The person who makes the most correct guesses is declared the winner.

Best standup comedian

You can play this party game any way you want. The object of the game is to see who is the natural comedian in the group by having everyone perform a 5 minute stand-up routine. They can make up their own impromptu routine, pull some jokes off of the internet, or use a list of jokes that the party planner gives to everyone. The person who gets the most laughs is declared the winner!