Whether it’s the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes, we all know that half of the fun of watching the award shows is to see who is wearing what on the red carpet. Why not host your own red carpet awards show fundraiser?

Invite your guests to a lavish pre-awards (the day of or day prior to the real Hollywood event) red carpet party where everyone is required to “dress to the nines” and be interviewed on the red carpet just like a Hollywood celebrity. Have a film crew available (videographer) and interview your guests on what they are wearing and which movies they think are Oscar-worthy. Following the red carpet show, you can sit everyone down to watch the actual awards show, or if you are hosting the event on an earlier day, you can view clips from past award shows or watch a previous Oscar winning movie. Vote on who wins best outfit among your guests. You can also have a trivia contest based on Oscar-winning movies or have people act out scenes from a movie and hand out your own Oscars for the best performances. Be sure to serve some celebrity-worthy cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres.

Request donations for attendance and be sure to invite a few local celebrities. You can also hold a raffle for some movie-themed prizes.

You’ll want to start promoting this fundraiser at least 2-months in advance. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community. Or if you plan to be selective with your audience, send out some Oscar Party themed invitations.