Nothing new here. We had to add the good old car wash fundraising event since it’s one of the go-to events for small groups and sports clubs. But who says you have to hold a traditional car wash? Try and mix things up a bit and bring some excitement back to car wash fundraising.

Here are some ideas to take your car wash to the next level and draw some added interest:

  • Hot Moms or Dads Car Wash – Assuming you have some hot mom or dad volunteers
  • Grandma’s Car Wash – The volunteer washers can dress up like grandmas
  • Zombie Car Wash – Just be sure not to get the makeup wet
  • Car Wash & Coffee – Offer a cup of free Starbucks coffee with each wash
  • Eco-Friendly Car Wash – Use only environmentally friendly soap, etc.

Add a fun theme to your car wash, and you’re bound to have more success. Make sure you can find a high traffic location with access to water and drainage and put up some signs that drivers can see. You’ll also need hoses, buckets, sponges, washcloths, dry towels and soap. Asking for donations instead of a set price might actually earn you more revenue. Do a good job washing the cars and word will spread.