We ran across this fundraiser and thought it was a great idea for any school, school sports team or school club to generate some much needed revenue. This school fundraising idea is easy to execute and can run throughout the entire school year.

Here’s how one school team executed the fundraiser. A varsity dance team in Wisconsin came up with a great idea to make a fundraiser out of school pride. The team is painting an Everest “E” on the driveways of homes and local businesses to raise money for not only the dance team but for other sports teams as well. The “E” is for the name of their school…DC Everest. The team gets a donation from the home or business owner for each driveway painted.

This fundraising idea will work well prior to any big school sporting event where the community will want to rally behind the team and show their support for the school. If you can get 100 homes to sign up and charge $10 for each driveway painted, you’ve earned $1,000 for your school or school program. Just be sure to use washable paint and make sure there aren’t any HOA restrictions in the neighborhoods you are targeting. Be sure to promote heavily on social media. And remember, you can do this before every big game or event!