This is a fun and simple fundraising idea for any group or organization that works with or involves families. especially schools. Of course everyone is familiar with the traditional spelling bee where school kids get to show off their spelling skills in front of judges and an audience. Well, this spelling bee turns the tables. Instead of the kids trying to spell words, it’s the parents who must do the spelling. That’s right, only parents are only allowed to participate!

Set up the fundraiser just like you would a normal spelling bee with a panel of judges and a host who reads the words and uses them in a sentence. But, instead of the usual spelling bee protocol, everyone stays in the game. The only difference is that parents are charged $2 for each word they spell wrong! You can set a max loss limit (like 20 words), and it’s all in fun. The more parents you have participating, the more revenue you can earn. Ask local businesses to donate prizes for the top 3 parents who spell the most words correctly. It’s more fun if the kids serve as hosts and judges.

Host a refreshments table when it’s all done (note: you might end up with some embarrassed kids!). A parents spelling bee fundraiser works great for elementary schools, middle schools, church groups and youth groups. This fundraiser also works well as an annual event for your school or organization.