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Pet Caricatures Animal Shelter Fundraiser Idea

We saw this this great fundraising idea and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. An animal shelter in Johnson City secured a caricature artist to draw caricature portraits of people’s pets in exchange for making a donation to support the shelter and raise money to supplement the shelter medical fund.

In order to get a caricature drawing of their pet, people had to make a $25 donation to the shelter. Pet photos were submitted through the shelter’s Facebook page, or they could be dropped off at the shelter along with the donation.

This is a great idea, as many pet owners would like nothing better than to have an artistic representation of their favorite pet. People also gave the drawing away as a gift. If you represent an animal shelter, or similar organization, you may want to give this idea a try.

One great thing about this fundraising idea is that you can extend it over several days or weeks. If you start posting drawings (with pet owner approval) on your website and social media pages, you’ll get more people wanting to get a drawing made.

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