Okay, so what kid wouldn’t want to throw a pie into their favorite (or not so favorite) teacher’s face? Or perhaps some community leaders? Business owners? Coaches? The pie in the face, pie throwing contest fundraiser is held at many schools and community parks each year, and makes for a very fun fundraiser for both kids and adults.

The pies are made of just whipped cream of course, so there is little chance of injury and the need to call in substitute teachers or backup business leaders and bosses the following day. Charge people $5 a pie for each throw (or whatever is appropriate for your school or organization), line up the recipients in chairs, and let ’em have it! You’ll probably want to go one pie at a time and set a distance of around 5 feet, to make it somewhat more challenging but still short enough for people to hit their mark.

The Pie Face throwing fundraiser is great for just about any organization or charitable cause. Just be sure to get your flyers printed well in advance of the event to attract as many participants as possible.

MSU’s Delta Sigma Pi business professional fraternity hosted a pie throwing event fundraiser to send 12-15 members to the South Central LEAD Provincial. See how they did it here.