Planting trees is a great fundraising idea, as long as you can secure an area to plant them. Check with your local city or county officials for opportunities. If you live near a forested area, even better. Some cities already have programs set up which you may be able to tie into.

You can also set up the program where you offer to plant seedlings at people’s homes in return for a small donation (just make sure the homeowner is around during the planting to tell your volunteers where the seedling should go. Either way, you’ll need to have people sponsor a tree. You should be able to purchase seedlings for around $1 each in bulk (see the Arbor Day Foundation website). You can have people sponsor a tree for $10 each (or whatever donation amount that will work in your area). There may be restrictions on what type of trees you can plant. If you are planting at people’s homes, you’ll need to have a bit of additional soil on hand for each planting. Your local home improvement store may be willing to donate in return for a sponsorship mention.

This is a great fundraising idea for schools, organizations and clubs that have the ability to recruit volunteers and have a good audience base to help get the word out. Finding volunteers and sponsors should be no problem. After all, who doesn’t like trees? Be sure to take advantage of social media opportunities. Facebook and Instagram users love this kind of stuff. Did we mention it’s also eco-friendly?