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Portuguese Lessons for Seniors and Beginners

The Portuguese language is very similar to Spanish and is relatively easy to learn. Both languages stem from Latin and are spoken widely throughout the world. It is estimated that Portuguese is spoken by more than 230 million people around the world, most predominantly in Portugal and Brazil. However, just as with French and Spanish, there are many variations with how the language is spoken between the different countries that speak it.

Learn to Speak Portuguese

Learn to Speak Portuguese Today!

It’s never too late to start learning to speak Portuguese. In fact, learning a second language can be especially beneficial for seniors. Research has shown that learning a second language can decrease the risk of developing dementia and improve social skills. If you plan to travel to Portugal or Brazil, learning the native language will really help you navigate your way around the country. Whether you are completely new to Portuguese, wanting to explore your Portuguese roots, or simply want to do some brushing up on the language, the videos we have listed below are a great place to begin your journey.

Learn Something New Today!

Learn Portuguese in 20 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need

Learn Portuguese in 5 Days - Conversation for Beginners

Portuguese Conversation for Beginners | BR Portuguese

100 Portuguese Words for Everyday Life - Basic Vocabulary #5

140 Portuguese Words for Everyday Life - Basic Vocabulary

Learn Portuguese in 4 Hours - ALL the Portuguese Basics You Need