We’re not talking about setting up a professional pumpkin chuckin’ event where contestants spend a full year developing their cannon-fired machines and 40-foot catapult structures. Think smaller scale. You can set the requirements to whatever you want. The ultimate goal is to throw a pumpkin as far as you can using some kind of home-made rig. You can set rules that all pumpkin chuckin’ machines can be no taller than 6 feet, can only use wood, rope and elastic material, etc.

If you plan on holding a pumpkin chuckin’ event, do a little research to help you overcome any potential issues. It would probably be a good idea to get a local engineer to help you with the event and to establish event requirements. Safety is a big concern; however if done right, the event can be a lot of fun and attract a lot of attention.

This is an event that you will need to schedule at least 6-months in advance if you plan to have people build their own machines.