While not an original concept, we really liked the way that the Los Altos History Museum put together their “Dancing through the Decades: Entertaining the ’20s,” fundraiser. It’s a great fundraising concept for any museum, given that the majority of museums showcase historical items. But you don’t have to be raising funds for a museum to organize a Roaring 20’s style event. This fundraiser idea will work well for just about any group, club, or organization. 

The Los Altos History Museum went all out for their 1920’s gala. They were able to decorate with period artifacts pulled from their museum collection. They also included a band that played music popular for the period, and had dancers doing the Charleston. A red carpet was rolled out for guests, and silent movies played in the background. Guests were also allowed to bid on silent auction items while they sipped on cocktails and enjoyed catered food. 

If you plan to host a Roaring 20’s style fundraiser, do a little research on what people wore, what drinks were popular, and what music people were listening to. While your event doesn’t have to be a perfect representation of the period, the more 20’s style elements you can incorporate, the more fun your event will be. 

You’ll want to start promoting this event at least 2-months in advance, in order to give your invitees enough time to make plans to attend and secure some roaring 20’s style clothing.