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Quilt Making for Seniors and Beginners

The art of quilt making has been around for centuries, and has always been a popular hobby among seniors. Quilts are generally used as blankets and covers, however some can be very elaborate and used as a showpiece. One of the biggest benefits associated with quilting, besides creating a blanket from scratch, is the therapeutic and psychological benefits associated with it. Quilting can reduce stress, improve hand-eye coordination, lower blood pressure, and boost self-esteem.

Quilt Making for Beginners

Quilting Can Reduce Stress and Blood Pressure!

The process of quilting involves stitching layers of material together. While there are variations, a quilt is generally comprised of two layers of fabric with a layer of padding (wadding) in between, held together by lines of stitching. The stitches are typically based on a pattern or design. One of the best things about quilting is that there are no hard and fast rules with regard to fabric patterns or colors.

The quilts that most of us are familiar with are patchwork quilts, where fabric is cut into squares of different patterns and sewn together. While having a sewing machine at your disposal is helpful, you can actually make a quilt by hand. You will need a few materials basics to get started, including a sewing machine (optional), tape measure, pins, quilting ruler, scissors, steam iron and board, fabric or chalk markers, and fabric glue (optional). There’s no better time than now to learn how to quilt. Get started with the introduction to quilting videos below!

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Quilting For Beginners