Ransom Note(able) Fundraiser

See just how well your local business owners and community leaders are loved by holding a “Ransom Note(able) Fundraiser. The way this fundraiser works is that you get your notable local community leaders and bosses involved by having them show up and hide out at a designated place (e.g., coffee shop), instead of reporting for work. This makes the process more enjoyable for them because they can spend a few hours talking shop and drinking coffee with other business leaders.

Once you have the bosses and leaders safely tucked away, you deliver a ransom note to their secretaries or assistants (who should already know what’s going on) and have them collect a dollar (or more) from each employee to pay the ransom to get their boss back. If you want to add an extra fun element, take a photo of each kidnapped community leader with a bag over their head and include that with the ransom note. To set the bosses free, a representative from the company must deliver the cash in an unmarked brown paper lunch sack before a certain time (2 to 3 hours) or else the boss gets it! (the “my employees don’t love me award”). In the end, the boss of the business that delivers the most cash (average per employee) is awarded the “Top Boss” award. You can even ask the “bosses” if they will match the employee contributions.

This is a relatively easy fundraiser to set up for just about any type of group, club or organization. In fact, it’s so easy and fun, that you’ll probably want to make it an annual event. Be sure to take lots of photos for social media posting.