Nothing says “off-tune” like a night of Karaoke. If everyone could actually sing, it wouldn’t be so much fun. For this traditional fundraising idea with a unique twist, you’ll need to rent a karaoke machine or host the event at a place that has karaoke.

The way that reverse karaoke works is that the guys have to sing love songs by female artists and the girls have to sing love songs by male artists. This could be a lot of fun if you add some sushi and sake into the mix. Revenue is generated by charging an admission fee that you can set to whatever amount you like. Have your singers signed up in advance and solicit area businesses for prizes that you can award to the best (and the worst) singers of the night. Even though the singers are selected in advance, it can’t hurt to ask for audience volunteers as well.

Create posters and flyers for your event and be sure to promote it on social media.