Yes, this tried and true fundraising idea that has been around since the dawn of the caveman days is still a thing. Why you ask? Because rummage sales still work. We get it. Hosting a community rummage sale sounds like the ultimate bore. But that doesn’t mean that your particular rummage sale has to be boring. Spice things up a bit! Adding a theme to your event will help generate more publicity and make it a lot more fun.

For example, you can make it a rock and roll themed sale, get a local rock band that needs some publicity to play, and have all of your volunteers dress up like rock stars. If you’re going to be attracting families with smaller children, make it a Disney themed event and have your female volunteers dress up like Disney princesses and do face painting. You might also have success with a zombie-themed show! The ideas are endless, and you can incorporate a new theme each time you hold the event.

Ask members of your local community as well as your own club or group members to donate items that you can offer up for sale (you can send volunteers to go door to door, or ask businesses to post flyers and act as collection points for the donated items). You’ll need access to a venue where you can sell the items and plenty of volunteers to help organize everything.

The great thing about hosting a rummage sale, is that you don’t need a fancy venue (most can be set up outside), and your set up costs are low. Items you’ll need include, tables (to hold the items), chairs, price stickers, and some bags that buyers can carry away their items in. If it’s going to be a sunny day, you’ll want to have some umbrellas set up for shade. You can also generate some extra revenue by selling snacks, lemonade or iced tea (if it’s hot) or hot chocolate and coffee (if it’s cold).

Be sure to print up your event flyers and posters at least 1-month in advance of your event and post them throughout your community.