Run With The Teachers School Fundraiser

What better way to help out your school and encourage fitness at the same time? Putting together a “Run with the Teachers” fundraiser will not only raise funds for your school, but help build better relationships between staff and students.

This fundraiser is done successfully throughout the country every year. Typically, schools will offer a 5k run with an optional 2 or 3 mile walk for those who aren’t used to running (this gives everyone a chance to participate). You can also lighten things up a bit by making the event a 2-mile fun run instead of the 5k.

You can either set aside a weekday afternoon and let the kids get out of school early to do the run (non-participating kids can do whatever it is you usually have non-participating kids do when there is an event at your school), or you can host it on a Saturday.

Have t-shirts made up for the event and charge a participation fee. You can also invite parents, siblings and alumni to participate. Make sure the school principal runs! Every runner gets a participation certificate and top finishers for each division get a medal. You’ll want to assign race numbers which can be pinned onto shirts to identify the winners. Or, if you just want to keep it casual, have people set up at the finish line to get the names of the top finishers as they complete the run or walk. Set up a snack bar and water station.