It’s never too late to start planning for summer, unless you’re reading this during the summer. If you live in one of the states notorious for sizzling hot summer months, then you’re probably aware that sunshades for cars are big business and people are usually in the market for new ones each year. 

Give them what they want and need by organizing a car sunshade sale fundraiser. It’s super easy and works well for any type of non-profit organization, club, group, team, or school. All you need to do to get a sunshade fundraiser off and running is to order sunshades in bulk with your logo, picture, or message from one of the many online retailers that sell them. You can purchase them for under $10 each (with your printed message) and sell them for $29.95. Each sale makes around $20 for your cause. 

Promote heavily on your website, Facebook page, etc. to get the word out. See if local businesses will help you promote the sale. Be sure to have all your volunteers, students, etc. leverage their social media connections. 

This fundraising idea works great for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Just have the shades printed in your school colors with your school mascot, and you should have no problem selling out.