No, we’re not talking about having your pets present a new business idea in front of Mr. Wonderful and the other Shark Tank investors. For this fundraising idea you will have contestants come up with new product innovations for animals (and pets). The idea is to have fun, not necessarily to witness the next big innovation in pet care. People can design new leashes, new toys, and other gadgets specifically for pets and pet owners. They can even present unique artwork. They don’t have to have a finished product, just a concept. 

The way you would generate funds is to invite people to attend the event and make bids on the products and/or concepts being presented. The bids are strictly based on how much someone loves a product idea. The bidders of course know that their bids are being made solely to support your group, and it’s all in fun. You’ll want to invite as many community business leaders as possible. 

You’ll want to start promoting this event at least 3-months in advance, in order to give people enough time to come up with some innovative product ideas. Place posters all over town, contact your local media, and be sure to create some clever social media posts.

This is a fun fundraiser idea for animal shelters, animal rescue groups, and any other charitable organization that helps animals in need.