Speed dating for charity – It just might work! If you have access to a lot of singles in your area, set up a fun and charitable speed-dating event where participants can donate to your cause in return for meeting someone who is potential dating material. If everyone knows it’s for a great cause, you’ll attract quality people who already have something in common – they are all generous people who care about giving back.

Most regular speed-dating events collect around $30 from each participant, so you should be able to collect that if not more. In speed-dating, people are usually given a time limit (3-minutes or so) to get to know each other. Everyone rotates at the end of each timed session. Everyone is assigned a number and keeps a card where they mark the number of the person or persons they are interested in. At the end of the event, everyone finds out who likes who and they all get to mingle with each other.

You’ll want to host your speed-dating event in a place that has a fun atmosphere. A good facility can make or break the event. Host different events for different age groups. You’ll want to start promoting this fundraiser at least 1-month in advance. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community.