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Splatter Painting for Seniors and Beginners

Splatter painting can be a fun and sometimes messy creative hobby for anyone, including seniors looking for an easy artistic form of expression. Splatter painting is the process of creating an original work of art by “flicking”, dripping, or throwing paint onto a canvas to give it a splattered look. You can make the entire painting using this technique, or combine it with regular brush application. Many popular artists use this method of painting to create colorful abstract works of art. It’s as if the painting comes alive with color, movement, and expression.

Splatter Painting for Beginners

Learn the Art of Splatter Painting!

There are many different techniques you can use for splatter painting, and you’ll need to experiment to see which techniques work best for the look you are trying to achieve. Although you won’t need any formal training to begin splatter painting, it is helpful to have an understanding of what type of paint to use, as well as some of the basic techniques involved. The splatter painting instructional videos we have listed below will help you get started. Just make sure your kids or grandkids aren’t around, or they will think you have lost your mind!

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