Spread the Word Viral Video Fundraiser Idea

What could be better than a fundraiser going viral? This super easy fundraising idea is great for groups, clubs, teams, schools, and organizations, that primarily cater to teens and young adults.

The main idea for this trendy fundraiser is to gather together a group of local celebrities and create a short donation video that your students, volunteers, workers, etc. share on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Local celebrities can include anyone who is well-known throughout your community, including local athletes, news reporters, prominent business leaders, community leaders, etc. It helps if you already have a strong base of support (e.g., 500 students) to help spread the word when you launch your video.

The video needs to encourage people to donate to your cause, so it has to be convincing. It also has to be cool, clever, and well produced so that people will be encouraged to share it. If the video isn’t worth sharing, you’re not going to get any views and thus, no funds will be raised. Be sure to provide a link to your online donation page.  Short videos work best, and are the norm on social platforms like TikTok, so make sure you follow the platform’s guidelines. Not sure? Just ask any teen or young adult what to do. You may need to create a series of videos if you happen to get several local celebrities on board.

Award prizes to people in your original distribution group who share the video (randomly selected), etc. The more prizes you can award, the better chance for success. This viral video fundraiser can be held any time of the year. Set a fundraising goal and try and beat it.