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Stenciling for Seniors and Beginners

At one point in our lives, we’ve all used a stencil to transform a shape, figure, or letters onto a piece of paper or even a wall in a room. Stenciling can take on many different forms and styles depending on the type of material you are applying the stencil to, the stencil designs being used, the material being applied, and the instrument that you are applying the material with. You can stencil with pencils, paint brushes, sponges, rollers, spray cans, and more, and there is no end to the types of designs that you can make with stencils. There are thousands of fun and inexpensive stencil patterns available online and in craft stores.

Stenciling for Beginners

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One of the best things about Stenciling is that it’s a really fun and easy activity for anyone to begin without the need for much instruction. With that being said, there are some tricks and tips that would be helpful to know, such as not overloading your brush with paint, and knowing how to correct your mistakes. Learn some of the basics of beginner stenciling by watching the instructional videos we have listed below and good luck on your first project!

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