Everyone loves smoothies, so why not make a fundraiser out of selling them? This fun and easy fundraising event can work well for any size club, group or organization. All you’re going to need for this event is a few large tables, access to electrical outlets, access to sinks, several blenders (your volunteer crew should be able to round them up from home), some plastic cups (small, medium and large), plastic spoons, straws, and plenty of fruits, vegetables and other smoothie making ingredients. See if you can get any local stores to sponsor the event and donate some of the ingredients.

Get every type of fruit and vegetable you can find and allow people to create their own special mixed-up smoothie out of your vast selection of ingredients. Give out awards for people who come up with the best smoothie mixes. Or just go simple and find some smoothie recipes online and create a menu. You should be able to earn at least 5x your food costs if you price correctly. Think about asking for a donation of $5 for a medium sized cup and $7 for a large. If most of your ingredients are donated, you stand to generate more revenue. Keep in mind that your work areas are going to get messy, so make sure your volunteers are prepared for constant cleaning.

You’ll want to start promoting this fundraiser at least 1-month in advance. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create some fun and creative posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community.