They may not be worth much alone, but they can sure add up when you collect thousands of them. We’re talking about nickels here. The basic concept of this super easy fundraiser is to create colorful donation boxes with the name of your organization on them and a message asking people to donate nickels for a worthy cause. Today’s nickels are like yesterday’s pennies. Most people will be happy to get rid of them. Especially if they know they are going to a great cause.

Ask local businesses to display them. You can even have them displayed at the reception desk at various corporate offices. Set a goal. One great side benefit is that many people will donate more than just nickels. The more collection boxes you can distribute, the more revenue you stand to make for your club, group or organization. Collect 10,000 nickels and you’ve generated $500 plus an additional $200 or so from people throwing in dimes and quarters.

The nickel collection project works great as a long term fundraising project. You’ll need to check your collection boxes every two weeks or so.