It happens every school day somewhere in the USA. Some poor, unfortunate kid who forgot to bring their lunch money gets stuck eating the famous cheese only sandwich on stale dry bread lovingly provided free of charge from the cafeteria server. Well it’s time to turn the tables. Set up a special day where selected teachers and school staff are required to sit down with the kids at lunch and be served a stale cheese sandwich for lunch.

You can request donations from parents. If a class collects $50 or more, the teacher has to eat the sandwich for lunch. Of course the kids will be begging the parents to participate and submit their donation. If you set the recommended donation amount between $3 and $5, you should get enough donations per class to allow the majority of your teachers to suffer through the cheese sandwich ordeal. Of course, it’s up to you if you still want to force teachers to eat the sandwich if their classroom doesn’t quite make the $50 goal (we recommend that you do).

Be sure to allow the kids to watch the teachers eat so they can all take photos and have a good laugh. You’ll want to plan this event 1-month in advance and send the kids home with an information sheet and donation envelope. Just make sure your cafeteria is prepared with stale bread and slices of American cheese!