The good old candy-gram fundraiser has been around for decades. And for good reason, everyone loves candy! Essentially, all you’re doing is selling boxes of candy (just like you would sell flowers) to people, to be delivered to their designated recipients. However, we suggest mixing things up a bit and adding your own personal touch to the fundraising effort. Here are some suggestions: Make it a Candy-Apple Gram or make it a Disney-themed candy-gram by having your delivery crew dress up as Disney characters, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities. Just make it fun.

Most groups and clubs will run this fundraiser around Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to this time of year. For example, you can do your fundraiser around Halloween and have your delivery volunteers dress up in costumes and deliver Halloween themed-candy. Or, do it around Christmas and have your delivery volunteers sing a Christmas carol while making the delivery. If you build your fundraiser around a theme, you can do it any time of year.

Just purchase your “candy” in bulk and mark up the price. For example, if you purchase 100 boxes of brand name chocolates online for $10 each and sell them for $20, you collect $1,000 in revenue for your club, group or organization (assuming you are able to sell all 100 boxes).

Be sure to print up flyers and have a sign up form on your website where you can collect all the delivery information. Remember that people will be purchasing candy to have you deliver to other people, not to the purchaser.