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The Power of Influencer Marketing

Even though influencer marketing has been around for a few years now, it’ still an emerging category with limitless possibilities for continued and accelerated growth. Influencer marketing platforms provide a valuable service, linking online blog and social media influencers to businesses looking for an effective way to reach new customers. Influencer marketing is popular because it allows businesses to instantaneously reach massive numbers of consumers through a trusted source. That trusted source being the credible influencer with thousands and sometimes millions of followers and fans hanging on their every word. It’s kind of like the Oprah effect, when any product endorsement from Oprah instantly pushed sales for that product. Finding the right influencers to endorse your product or service can be a very effective marketing strategy. Not all influencers are equal though, so make sure you choose the platform that best suits your needs and audience demographics. Check out the top influencer marketing platforms below.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Upfluence offers cutting-edge influencer marketing platform and services to elevate content and streamline Influencer Marketing campaigns for brands worldwide.

Founded in 2006, IZEA is the pioneer of Social Sponsorship. The company builds cloud-based marketplaces that connect brands with creators who blog, tweet, pin, and post on their behalf.

AspireIQ is a leading influencer marketing platform for producing branded creative at scale. Our software platform empowers brands to build large-scale communities of influencers and content creators to produce the thousands of custom branded images and videos needed to power every customer touchpoint including digital advertising, social media, website content, email marketing and more.

Traackr provides influencer discovery, vetting, relationship management, campaign organization, measurement, and the industry’s only influencer market performance benchmark. We transform brands with Influencer Relationship Management and are the standard for measuring the impact of influencer content on your market share.

Our Enterprise Creator Cloud enables intelligent creator discovery, streamlines end-to-end workflows, and drives meaningful measurement. 

Lumanu is a content rights and media solution powered by influencer content. Our platform empowers leading brands to deliver great storytelling to receptive audiences across all channels with scale, precision, and transparency. With Lumanu, brands and influencers work together in private data sharing alliances to maximize the reach and impact of all branded influencer content.

With a database of over 500 Million influencer profiles broken down into over 60K categories Klear provides the ability to search influencers in any niche category, in any language, and any country or city across the globe, and provides detailed information about their social footprint and the demographics of their followers.

Build, launch, and scale creator campaigns.

Tagger is a 360 Influencer Marketing solution platform that allows brands, agencies, and media companies to maximize their influencer strategies throughout the planning, discovery, activation, and reporting phases. Tagger offers a powerful research and analytics tool combined with a modular, customizable, and intuitive UI with a sophisticated back end to power any partner’s activations. Its complete workflow for content marketing management offers an unparalleled advantage in a noisy and complex influencer marketing space.

Post for Rent is a platform cracking the core problems in influencer marketing: forget the ‘over-personalized’​, ‘over-briefed’​ content creation with bloggers, we sell their reach the same way advertisers work with banners or sponsored links. Find credible voices for your brand without the pain of nonsense negotiations with talent management agencies or sales houses.

Socialbakers Suite is a marketing platform that leverages the power of machine learning to help brands make smarter investments on social media. Socialbakers’ AI-powered solutions enable brands to engage and grow their customer base by helping them deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

HYPR is the data-driven influencer marketing platform built for marketers. By introducing audience demographics and automated tools that connect with micro-influencers, as well as performance tracking solutions, into a market severely lacking in technology — HYPR lets brands and agencies strategize, manage, and scale their influencer campaigns.

Julius is an end-to-end influencer marketing software solution, offering influencer search and discovery, campaign management and a robust reporting suite. We prioritize brand safety by manually vetting and curating every influencer profile before allowing influencers onto our platform.

BrandBacker is one of the fastest growing influencer content marketing networks. We help brands connect with over 30,000 Influencers and Creators who promote products by creating original articles, reviews, videos and social posts to over 500 million followers. BrandBacker helps brands reach millions of new customers while tracking every read, click, share, like, tweet, repost and more.

We built the best in class tools to connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience and inspires action.

Utilizing FYI’s application, advertisers and influencers can efficiently build relationships, generate and distribute engaging content, measure success and solve for billing inefficiencies, all within one online interface.

Grapevine provides marketers with a comprehensive platform to identify the right creators, facilitate relationships, track performance and become influencer marketing pros.

Onalytica is an award-winning influencer marketing software platform that connects brands with topical influencer communities and helps them to scale and structure influencer programs globally.

TapInfluence empowers consumers to make better purchasing decisions. Through Influencer Marketing Automation, we empower brands with authenticity by connecting them with trusted voices.

Webfluential is a global Influencer Marketing platform which provides marketing technology for brands to connect to social influencers. The platform makes it easy for marketers to create, manage and track campaigns with credible influencers.

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