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Quick and Easy DIY Landing Page Solutions

Surprisingly, there are not many stand-alone solutions available for building and creating landing pages. This is most likely due to the fact that most marketing automation platforms and website builders come with their own solutions for easily building landing pages. But if you don’t have the knowledge or platform already in place and your web developer is on a week-long vacation in Tahiti with your web designer, then you’ll want to look at one of these quick and easy solutions with customizable pre-design templates, drag and drop interfaces and other capabilities that may include, A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, fully responsive formats, lead capture form integration, and more.

Best Landing Page Builder Tools

Our solution helps marketing teams increase advertising conversion by enabling the creation, personalization, and optimization of landing page experiences at scale.

Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page platform trusted by more than 15,000 brands that helps you convert more of your visitors into leads, sales, and customers. With an easy drag-and-drop builder and more than 100 landing page templates, you can bring any campaign vision to life in a fraction of the time it would take with a developer.

Qwaya is a technology company focused on building tools for social media marketing. We are specialists in Facebook and Instagram marketing and have assembled a world class team with extensive experience. 

Leadpages® is a best-in-class digital lead generation platform that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to easily publish web pages, confidently generate leads, and consistently transform clicks into customers. From landing pages to Facebook ads, Leadpages helps you get in business and stay in business online.

Automated landing page management software. We work with brands, marketing agencies and technology partners to power the web experience piece of the puzzle. Create better pages for message matching, local promos, profiles, channel marketing and email marketing.

The easiest way to generate, manage and nurture your leads. We make it easy for marketers to create landing pages, contests, track leads and more.

Lander App is a powerful online tool that helps you create beautiful high-conversion landing pages in only seconds. Lander gives you a powerful yet simple multivariate testing tool to keep improving your page’s conversion rate. Also you can create landing pages that connect to everyone and everything: Social Networks, CRM and get real time reports on your multivariate testing. Lander can even integrate with third party analytics tools.

Landingi makes it easy to create high-converting landing pages without coding skills. With over 100 fully customizable templates you can create landing pages in minutes, optimize them with A/B testing and integrate your landing pages with your marketing stack to make your lead generation process even more effective.

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