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Media Planning & Buying Solutions for 2020

There are several great media planning and buying software tools and solutions for agencies, media professionals and businesses. These software solutions help navigate the complex world of planning and analyzing online digital media, in-app ad placement, outdoor, print, broadcast and more. These comprehensive media planning solutions will help your team manage buys, handle invoicing and payments, create flowcharts, analyze ratings, plan out reach and frequency goals, review performance analytics and more, all through intuitive dashboards. Avoid costly media planning and buying mistakes by getting the right tool for the job. Check out some of the top media software solutions below.

Best Media Planning Software Solutions

Mediatool is the all-in-one platform for better media and marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of features wrapped into a user-friendly interface to make brands and agencies more productive. Mediatool has a long list of features to make launching a campaign more efficient. Once you’re up and running, data will begin flowing in real time. 

Mediaocean is the world’s foundational media software company that automates every aspect of the advertising workflow – from planning, buying and selling, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments. Mediaocean’s open cross-media platforms power $140 billion in global media budgets and have unmatched reach and bridge traditional and digital media.

MediaForce media buying software is a web-based software platform designed to streamline media processes. MediaForce helps media buyers eliminate redundancies like duplicate field requirements, flexibly manage buys of different media types, accurately measure ad performance and effortlessly reconcile invoices.

Media Link Software® (MLS) is a web based media buying platform created for advertising agencies by an advertising agency. MLS allows media buyers to compare all forms of advertising, including online, on an apples to apples basis. The program uses a combination of user entered data, Nielson data, and Arbitron data to give accurate predictions of ratings, cpp, reach, and frequency for TV, radio, print, outdoor, and online media buys.

BluHorn® is a web-based media buying software program designed to organize, schedule and report media buys, whether for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor or print and digital media. This software, which was created by media buyers for media buyers, was developed with the input of more than 50 small to midsize advertising, marketing and digital media firms throughout the United States.

Award-winning, 5-star rated media planning software that delivers media plans, beautiful flowcharts, effortless RFPs and IOs, flawless trafficking, diligent reporting, client dashboards, and much more.

With the Strata Platform, plan, activate, optimize, and manage billing and financials for all your campaigns across media types in one centralized location. Our single-hosted platform and open integration model means you can dynamically manage your media in the way that’s best for you.

For more than 4 decades, SQAD® has provided trusted advertising cost intelligence and efficient software applications for research, analytics, and media planning including cloud-enabled planning and collaboration and proprietary advertising cost intelligence. SQAD provides a comprehensive cost database for Network TV, Cable TV, SpotTV, Hispanic TV, Internet Display/Video, Radio, and Out-Of-Home.

Centro is a global provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertisers. Its technology, Basis, is the industry’s most powerful, comprehensive and automated digital media management platform. Through a single user interface, Basis converges the entire advertising workflow, enabling marketers to plan, buy, analyze and streamline campaigns for programmatic, direct, search and social. By unifying all major aspects of digital media into one platform, Basis breaks down silos, improves performance, and helps businesses grow profitably.

Manage media in a single system including planning, buying, analytics, reporting, and streamlined communications. Advantage Software is purpose-built for full-service advertising agencies, in-house creative teams, public relations firms, and marketing firms of all sizes. We’ve been helping our clients maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability for over 40 years.

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