With the prices of ready-made Halloween costumes these days, you may want to consider holding a used Halloween Costume Sale event. Many people hold on to their old costumes with no real intention of using them again. They just hate throwing out something that they paid $50 or more for and only wore once.

The event concept is easy and simple and will work great for just about any school, group, club or organization. You simply ask people to donate their old Halloween costumes (cleaned and in good condition) and sell them to the general public at your event. You would set up the event just like you would any type of book sale, bake sale, etc. where you display the items for sale on various tables. Price the costumes according to the level of popularity and condition. You can also request donations for Halloween candy holders, decorations, and party supplies.

You’ll want to start promoting this fundraiser at least 2-months in advance. Be sure to promote heavily on all your social media channels. Also, create posters and flyers that you can place throughout the community. See if any of your local radio and television stations will help you get the word out.