This is a great idea. Glad we thought of it. The idea behind the creation of a “What I like about my community” website is to get as many people in your city, town, or community to submit a video or story (with pictures)  that explains what it is they like most about the community in which they live. You will then place these videos or stories onto a website that you create. 

The goal is to have your community website act as an information resource for people who are considering moving to the area, or are just interested in learning more about your community through the eyes of the people that actually live there. 

If you have enough videos and / or stories, you should easily be able to find some monthly sponsors (think real estate professionals) who will have no problem donating $1,000 a month or more to be prominently featured on the website. Get just 2 primary sponsors and you could raise $24,000 a year for your cause. The more videos and stories you have on the website, the more traffic you will get and the more sponsorship dollars you can bring in.  

There are many website platforms available which make it super easy for anyone to easily create a beautiful website with hosting services included for around $30 a month (e.g., Squarespace and Wix). The videos should be 2 minutes or less. Stories should be under 500 words. 

This idea works great for schools as well, where students can be interviewed about what they like best about their school. 

Ask local businesses with websites to link to your new site. This will help it rank better in the search engines and bring more referral traffic to the site. Also have your team share posted stories from your site on their social media pages.