The great thing about zombies is that they will volunteer for just about anything! Get your community into the Halloween spirit by hosting a zombie obstacle course fundraiser. Since zombies aren’t very athletic, their only task is to chase your participants around the course.

Set up a variety of fun obstacles around the course for people to go through in order to complete the race. Some examples of obstacles and challenges would be a mud pit, climbing wall, zigzag cones, hurdles, etc. The more sophisticated you make the event and the obstacles, the more you can charge for the fundraiser. You should have no shortage of volunteers to act as zombies. You will need to purchase some makeup and have someone volunteer to help apply it to your zombies.

Do not feed your zombies in advance of the event; this will keep them actively chasing participants! Request donations for participation. You can even print up t-shirts and sell them. Although zombies work well for Halloween, you can host this event anytime of the year! You’ll need to make sure you are covered by insurance in case anyone gets hurt on the course (or gets caught by a zombie and…well, it’s not pretty)

This is a fantastic fundraising idea for schools, nonprofits, and just about any type of club.